Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Is In The Air!

The temps hit a balmy 61 degrees here in our corner of Northwestern CT today. Not bad for early March. DH and I celebrated by throwing open the homestead's windows and doors while we did some pre-spring cleaning. There is sooooo much that needs to be done, it was difficult trying to stay on track (especially after a very long, trying conversation with our television/internet/cable provider). The crap has begun to to spawn its own crap over the winter shut in. Our friends are having a tag sale in mid-April, so I began sorting potential items into one general area. A fat little robin caught my eye out of the window, which made me want to go outside to see if I could spy any other harbingers of spring. Here is what I found:

Rhododendrons next to the house

Daffodils poking through

There were only two sparse patches of snow left on the lawn portion of our yard. As much as winter blows, it does make me sad to see him leaving. BUT, there will be much excitement at the homestead this spring. A brand new coop for our feathered friends, a new top-bar bee hive (btw, the bees were out today doing some scouting) and many baby steps towards a more organic lifestyle. This blogging thing is kinda cool...

HANDMADE TODAY: yesterday, actually. Two loaves of really yummy banana bread. Click on the photo to get the recipe.

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  1. So exciting to see Spring waking up in the photos.